April 11, 2024

Pacific Talks Event – Endometriosis

With the help of experts we took another step in the fight against Endometriosisđź’›

Last Thursday, April 11, the Pacific Center garden was filled with knowledge and hope at Pacific Talks Endometriosis🙌🏻

A space to learn and share with specialists such as Dr. Hugo González, Dr. Nora Castillo, Lic. Liz Marie Magh, Dr. Saúl Barrera and Dr. Edgar Alemán, attendees were able to:

âś…Deeply understand what endometriosis is and how it affects women. Discover the latest diagnosis and treatment options.
âś…Learn about the importance of diet and exercise in managing the disease.
âś…Share your experiences and doubts with other women who also live with endometriosis.
âś…A commitment to women's health.

We thank all the women and men who joined Pacific Talks Endometriosis. Your presence and participation were essential for this event to be a success.

Together, we can continue to break the silence and fight for a better quality of life for women with endometriosis. ✊

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