April 17, 2024

Masterclass by Pacific Center 2024 Event

The Pacific Theater became the epicenter of knowledge and empowerment in Masterclass by Pacific Center.

Maritere Lee @mariterelee was the one who guided us on a fascinating journey of self-discovery through his Masterclass “Discover your Psychological DNA”

Led by Maritere, participants explored the therapeutic profiles that determine their way of being, thinking and acting, obtaining valuable tools to enhance their strengths and manage their emotions.

On the other hand, Dr. Diana Pitti @ginecologia_pty took the stage to teach her Masterclass “Destroying Gynecological Myths”, a space where erroneous beliefs were challenged and truthful information about women's health was provided.

The second day, full of energy and motivation, was led by the strategic consultant and coach Jesús Valbuena @socialchucho . In her Masterclass “Women with Powerful Brands,” Valbuena guided participants on a journey of self-discovery and personal brand development.

The person in charge of closing the second day was Deborah Kuzniecky @deborah.kuzniecky invited us to reflect on the humanization of fashion. In his Masterclass “Humanizing Fashion”, Kuzniecky addressed crucial topics such as ethics, sustainability and the social impact of the fashion industry.

Nicolle Ferguson @nicollefergusonb , opened the doors of the last day with his master class “With Heels and Sneakers”, where he guided the participants on a journey towards personal empowerment through image and communication. Ferguson, with his dynamic and approachable style, provided practical tools to project confidence and security at every step.

To close with a flourish, Eglantina Zingg @eglantinazingg , our first international speaker closed with her master class “Yes: A Generational Journey”, invited us to reflect on the importance of intergenerational communication. His contagious energy and deep wisdom motivated us to break barriers and create a more united and understanding world.

Masterclass by Pacific Center was a unique experience that left its mark on each of the attendees. A space to learn, grow and connect with exceptional people.

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