May 16, 2024

Pacific Talks Wellness Event – Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Last Thursday, May 16, the event took place Pacific Talks Wellness – Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, a day dedicated to exploring the deep connection between our internal perception and the image we project to the world.

Led by three leading experts in the area of aesthetics, plastic surgery and psychology, Dr. Jacqueline Richa, Dr. Luis Caballero and Dr. Kathina Melo, attendees embarked on an introspective journey to understand how our body image and our self-esteem are influenced by our internal beliefs and emotions.

Through their valuable perspectives, specialists addressed topics such as the role of cosmetic surgery in overall well-being, the importance of self-acceptance and self-love, and strategies for developing a positive and confident self-image.

Pacific Talks Wellness – Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery It became a space for reflection and dialogue, where participants not only acquired valuable knowledge about caring for their image, but also had the opportunity to connect with their inner self and discover the true power of self-esteem.

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